Confessions of a Male Nurse

We are male nurses. These are our confessions.

Male Nurses? Who Cares?

I honestly don’t care, I make male nurse jokes saying “Then again, I am in a female dominated profession”. Not a single F was given. I love my job, love my patients(most of them), and wouldnt do anything else. If anyone challenges my masculinity they can go screw themselves. I could care less if more men or female join the field. Their gender doesnt do anything for me, as long as they care about the patients and they are a team player that is all that matters.

The only thing is that I feel on AVERAGE, a male nurse is more caring than the Average female nurse. Especially back in the past. It was ballsy to enter a female dominated profession.

"Male nurses are homosexual blah blah blah" I know plenty of gay guys who are not caring at all and heterosexual straight guys that are super caring toward their kids and family. I know its a long rant that derailed but w/e.




Male Staff In The ED

If you want something that is forever changing you should try the ED. I’m not a people person by definition so it’s easier for me to “fake” it with the constant turnover of patients. Plus, if you get a difficult family to deal with, you know that you won’t be their nurse for 2-3 days in a row. 

The camaraderie and teamwork are different in the ER too. You have your own patient assignment but when you have a patient come in by ambulance that is not doing well, or a trauma, you have a whole group of people that are instantly working together to help stabilize that one patient. Not that it doesn’t happen in other departments, but less frequently.

We are constantly helping each other with difficult IV starts, NGT placement, Foley’s, and all kinds of stuff that doesn’t generally seem to take place as much in other departments. I also like that close proximity to the docs and the greater level of autonomy that we experience in the ED. 

Where I work, there are a lot of male staff of all types in the in the ED. It’s an entirely different environment but seems to be one that the guys tend to gravitate to more than some of the other departments.




My ICU is about a third male staff. It isn’t weird at all. It is nice to have help from the guys especially turning heavy patients. Sometimes we take turns doing each others baths if the pt is more comfortable with a man or a woman. There are also a lot of male nurses in the other units throughout the hospital, except L&D. Also there are plenty of male aides, phlebs, radiology techs, etc. I think if you want to be a nurse, go for it! Gender isn’t really an issue anymore, as far as I’ve seen.


Should Men Stay Away From Nursing?

I’ve worked in hospitals and nursing homes. It sucks. Don’t let people here convince you on how great it is. If you are going back to school dont hang onto the mentality of “nursing is a great career there where always be jobs” that was 10 years ago when that was true. do research, there are no nursing jobs. People from overseas come here by the boat and take jobs. The wage is on the down trend, there are more then enough nurses to replace those ready to retire.

Please if you are just getting into college pick a less stressful, good paying career choice. PLEASE research on forums and here from nurses who are not happy with their career. coorprate has destroyed nursing. Dont listen to the few on here who say nursing is so wonderful, i promise you when they run out of Paxil and Ativan, which is fueling there happiness, they will no longer be posting on these boards on the issues of how great their jobs are.




A LONG time ago…we had a male tech in the ICU. He was a pre-med student. The older patients always wanted that doctor. We would fall on the floor laughing…he was such a nice guy….we would send him into confused patients room to calm them down.

He never claimed he was Dr. anyone but the moment these confused little old people saw the male person they were instantly engaged on the bad nurses behavior. Saved on over medicating these old folks. Our male nurses….we had two of them (remember this is a LOONG time ago) had the same calming effect.

Never bothered me though I was just glad they stopped trying to hit us with the call bell.