Confessions of a Male Nurse

We are male nurses. These are our confessions.

Thoughts on the term “MURSE” ?

What do you guys think of the term MURSE?

Personally I hate it. It sounds stupid, and is incredibly annoying. It designates some difference, obviously gender, but the name is immature and did I mention annoying?

Instead of nurse, lets use Furse and Murse
instead of cop, we’ll use Mop, and Fop
Instead of Teacher, Feacher and Meacher
Instead of Doctor, Foctor and Moctor




Only Male Nurses on Shift

I noticed a huge difference in the past month in regards to the unit culture when we had an all male shift this past month. When working with all males, the shift just seems way way better. 

The environment was so pleasant because no one was flipping out because the floors weren’t mopped on our shift, no one was throwing a fit because there were not enough small sized gloves in the isolation cart, we focused on RN life saving interventions. I mean two patients coded, both were brought back. During the code everyone was calm, positive, people were laughing, and just all around positive. 

I actually left work thinking wow this is a great team to work with.

However, when its a mostly female shift the focus is completely different. I remember a code when women were screaming for atropine, and not wanting to do chest compression because their back hurt. I remember getting talked down to because the room was a mess after the code. I remember the day time supervisor throwing a fit because the pt closet was unorganized. 

I really like working with an all male shift. My god it is so much better.




The Problem With Boring Scrubs

Like others I am a little frustrated at the lack of “dude” patterns and prints for scrubs. I understand that only one in ten nurses is an RN dude, but still that is a significant number of potential customers should a company decide to make patterned scrubs for us guys, not only in the US but globally. There are a few out there- I personally have a set of camo scrubs and a set of scrubs signifying my love for Da Bears.

But still, for the most part, RN dudes are relegated to unisex and solids- which can get very boring after a while. I have put patches on my scrubs in the past (have a cool dark purple top with a Decepticon logo on it), but the point remains. So here’s my question and my thought: if you got to design your own scrub pattern, what would it be? Sports? Cartoons? Fishing? Movies? Or do you just have a pattern that you think would look cool?

The pattern I have in my head personally is this: black scrub top and pants with hot rod-like orange and red flames on the shoulders and down the sides of the scrub top. Nothing real wide, just about 3-4 inches wide. Colors would start at flame orange and fade to a dark red…and the more realistic the flames the better. 




Does this count as gender discrimination?

This is sort of a rant/vent…I think the title should have been “shocked at the emotional aggression/manipulation directed towards male students”

I am a female student about four months away from graduation in a masters entry to nursing program.

We had three men in our program, (plus one who was following along in our clinicals because he completed all the classroom courses). Our program is 22 months, (seven quarters). We lost our first male classmate after the third quarter. We lost our second male classmate at the end of the 5th quarter!

Now, at mid terms of our sixth quarter, (we did a split clinical rotation with a third of us at OB and 2/3 of us at peds) both of the remaining men failed to pass their clinicals.

Oh my gosh!

Just this Sunday I was talking with a male student who is attending a junior college. He is in his mid 50’s, also self employed with his own shop as an income and a labor of love as well as outside employed with a previous successful career. This quarter he is retaking a clinical class because he was failed, (a former Ace student).

What the heck?

I have had clinicals with each of the four men in my program that were dropped, (one dropped, one was kicked out and the other two technically are not out, they just were failed for their ob and peds clinical). 

I never noticed anything poor about their clinical performance? Maybe I missed it but, I am baffled.

The guy in peds is a new father and husband with a one year old at home and the guy who failed ob is a husband and a second career person. All the men are highly educated, skilled, compassionate…I just do not get it.

I feel like they were targeted. There must have been things going on behind the scenes that I was unaware of but, gosh, to fail them from clinical?

One of the guys is built big with a deep voice and once I heard he was critiqued for intimidating people. This is total bologny!! He is not intimidating at all. Yet, the perception of one had labelled him.

Thanks for letting me rant, this is just not fair, I think these guys were given a raw deal.



Finally Ready For Nursing School

I start school next month and I am really anxious to begin my long journey in becoming a nurse. 

It seemed like it was just yesterday (actually earlier this year) that I applied to my program. Nervous as I was, I was patiently waiting for the response. With all of the stories/rumors on how difficult it was to get into nursing school, I feared that I will not get in. But three months later, I got a letter.

Rejected. Because blah blah blah rejected blah blah sorry blah rejected blah blah try again blah blah blah rejected rejected rejected

My world fell. I was so sad and disappointed. I wanted it so bad. My grade and test scores were great but great didn’t get me into the program. I ask why. how. when. But ultimately I just have to accept that I did not get in and I would have to try again.

As 3 weeks passed since I got the rejection letter. I got a phone called.

"…some one dropped out and you were next on our list. Would you like to be part of the program?"

My response was, “…dropped out of what? Who is this? The nursing program? Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? Brenda is that you? Girl, you better not be messing with me. Oh…you are not Brenda. This is really the nursing program? I got ACCEPTED?! Can you hold on for a second, I’m driving and your news is making me faint and I got to pull over and get some fresh air. YES YES YES I will be part of the program!”

During the next 3 months I turned in all of the required paperworks, got my custom tailored scrubs, medical items and required text books. I even got a jumpstart on the reading the materials even though I did not know what I should be read. WHO CARES!? I’m in the nursing program and will eventually get to the material even if its not part of the curriculum, it is good knowledge to hold. 

So fast forward to the present day on this sunny SoCal Wednesday at Starbucks typing this post I can say, I don’t think I am ready…




Nurse-Doctor Interaction

I am an RN and my husband is an LPN in ICCU (go figure) anyway, he gets along with ALL the docs splendidly. There is one doc in particular that I can’t stand much. He changes the spelling of his name on the board if someone happens to spell it wrong, yells at people when he’s on call (doesn’t anybody tell these guys they’re gonna be on call?) and I’ve seen him throw a chart across the room because the wrong test was ordered.

My husband hasn’t had a single bad encounter with him, in fact in the past when I’ve seen other male nurses interact with him he treats them with much more respect than he gives the female nurses. One time one of the docs called said he was “looking for, oh, you know……that one who’s wife is a “….etc. My husband said, “we use names here, gimme a name and I’ll tell you who the nurse is” and he hung up on the doc! I about died! When he did rounds he was sweet as pie! I think the guys get away with much more.